Police arrest over 40 in final week of January

Published 9:28 am Monday, February 4, 2019

Oxford Police arrested over 40 people in the final week of January, where over a dozen drivers were arrested for driving under the influence.

OPD arrested 46 people during the week of the 28th, which is the highest arrest total for the month of January, according to OPD media releases.

Fourteen of those 46 people were arrested for DUI during the week of the 28th. The second-highest total for the month of January was seven DUI arrests during the week of the 14th.

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There were four DUIs recorded over the weekend of the 25th, which is the most DUIs on an OPD media release since OPD reported making eight arrests over a two-day span during the New Year’s holiday.

The 46 arrests is also somewhat of an outlier. During the first three weeks of January, police arrested 30 during the week of the 7th, 26 during the week of the 14th and 35 during the week of the 21st.

The week of the 28th also featured a high in tickets issued, as OPD gave out 208 tickets. The second-highest total was 160 tickets in the week of the 14th.

OPD issued over 200 tickets even after implementing a program handing out vouchers to Oxford residents, instead of tickets, for broken taillights.

However, the 38 accidents recorded this week were lower than the weeks of the 14th and 21st. Those two prior weeks had more accidents than this week, as both recorded 42 accidents each.