Supervisors accept JP General Contractors’ bid for storage building

Published 10:05 am Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The Lafayette County Board of Supervisors accepted a bid from an Oxford contractor to begin building a facility for material storage.

JP General Contractors’ bid, being the lowest at $112,500, was accepted and approved by the supervisors for the four-month project.

The only other bid presented to the board was by Heritage Builders, which made a bid for $115,000.

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The estimated cost for the project was $95,000, which was based off a similar building that was built in Panola County.

JP General is expected to provide a concrete building foundation and erection of the pre-engineered metal building, according to the bid advertisement.

The county will provide all earth working, grading, furnishing and installing of all clay gravel or crushed limestone required for the building floor.

The timeframe for the storage facility project is 120 calendar days, according to the bid advertisement.

JP General’s bid was also the subject of discussion by the supervisors before discussing the bids, as JP General did not include the contract documents when submitting its bid.

This was because those submitting the bid for JP General were under the impression the bid form was the only requirement needed in order to fully submit the bid. The confusion stemmed from the option to submit bids online, rather than hard copy.

However, submitting contract documents is for the clerk’s benefit rather than something that’s essential to the application, according to the county’s attorney.

After discerning the exclusion of the contract documents did not give JP General an advantage whatsoever, the board accepted and approved the bid.