Lafayette County supervisors change policy following rally

Published 9:24 am Wednesday, March 6, 2019

In the wake of the pro-confederate rally, amongst others that resulted from it last month, the Lafayette County Board of Supervisors has chosen to change how county property will be used for future events such as these. 

During Monday’s regular monthly meeting, the board amended their facility use policy. Lafayette County will now require a 30-day notice instead of the current five-day advance notice required by anyone who wants to use county buildings, such as the courthouse, for an event. 

Other changes include payment of the facility use fees. Fees will accrue on a per hour use of facilities, and, if the event will impose unusual law enforcement and traffic issues, the Lafayette County sheriff will make an assessment to determine the relative cost of those circumstances. Event organizers will be required to pay this on top of the facility use fee. 

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Additionally, a restriction on the length of poles and sticks used for flags and banners was added due to safety. Any masks and clothing used to conceal identities will be prohibited.  

The board also banned pets or any other animals from future events. 

Before the board announced the policy changes, Oxford musician Effie Bert addressed the supervisors regarding the future of the confederate statue on the Square and asked if there are plans to relocate it to the confederate cemetery. The board noted they had not discussed the matter. 

The university’s Student Body Association passed a resolution last week calling for the confederate statue located on campus be relocated to the confederate cemetery. The resolution will be voted on this week.