Power Ranking the new food options in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium

Published 11:08 am Monday, September 2, 2019

Ole Miss will be debuting a handful of new food choices inside Vaught-Hemingway Stadium, beginning with Saturday’s game against Arkansas. In addition to all food sold at the stadium a year ago, Ole Miss and Contemplate have now partnered with Fergndan’s Wood Fired Pizza, Great American Cookies and Marble Slab Creamery. They’re also offering three new concession items: Burger Me, Chop’s BBQ and Tony’s Grab and Go. The Eagle got to try all the new dining options. Below is a quick power-ranking of the new food choices.

5. Fergndan’s Wood Fired Pizza

It’s pizza. Fergndan’s is a solid pizza option, if that’s what you’re feeling. The Fergndan’s pizzas will be sold in Sections A and L. Outside of Game Day, they’re available at their storefront off Highway 30.

4. Great American Cookies and Marble Slab Creamery

These stations will be selling Double Doozies, cookie cake slices and ice cream from sections S7, D and L. I really like the idea of ice cream on a hot day in Vaught-Hemingway. It’s a limited selection, sure, but when was the last time you had bad Marble Slab? It’s a very solid dessert station here.

3. Chop’s BBQ

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Highlighting the Chop’s BBQ stand is their Chop’s Tacho’s. A base of tater tots, topped with BBQ pulled pork, nacho cheese, sauce and jalapeños. The key with tater tots is the crispy, out-of-oven feel. These matched that baseline bar, and the pulled pork was pretty solid. I’d definitely give it a shot. There’s just one of these Chops BBQ stops, located in Section C.

2. Tony’s Grab and Go

This rank comes more from the concept than food quality. These stations feature a bunch of grab-and-go drinks, snacks and sandwich options. More stadiums need things like this – quick, sometimes healthy food and drink options that you don’t have to wait 10 minutes for. Unfortunately, for now there’s just one of these stations, located in Section S1.

1. Burger Me

Located in Section B, in the southwest corner of the stadium is a new, made-to-order burger stand. Every stadium has a basic cheeseburger. But to be completely honest, I was really impressed with the Burger Me burger. You order from a kiosk with a bunch of customizable options. The kiosk will print you a receipt and they’ll bring you the burger when it’s made.

I ordered a single-patty burger (you could get up to a triple), with bacon, pepper jack cheese, bbq sauce, lettuce, tomato and onion. They have a handful of cheese, topping, sauce and bun options and it’s a reasonable price. Mine, a single patty with a bacon addition, came out to around $11. Unfortunately, like the Grab and Go, there’s only one kiosk in the stadium. If it becomes a popular item, and I suspect it will, they’ll add a few more locations. In all honesty, the Burger Me stand exceeded my expectations and far and away is the best of the new additions.