City of Oxford adopts official logo

Published 8:34 am Friday, September 6, 2019

The City Oxford now has an official logo.

During Tuesday’s meeting, the Board of Aldermen voted to formally adopt the current logo used throughout City departments, as well as new branding guidelines.

In 1978, the Board of Aldermen originally adopted the City of Oxford “tree logo.” In 2015, the City went through the process of updating the logo and establishing branding standards. The process resulted in the logo that has been used the past four years and the one installed on the wall of the City Hall courtroom.

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In addition to the generic City of Oxford logo, each city department has a customized logo for use on trucks, uniforms, letterhead, envelopes and memos. The new branding guidelines that were approved on Tuesday explain the proper use of the logos, as well as color standards.

“The guidelines indicate to all of the departments and all the various publications a more uniform look and how we should use the logo,” said Bart Robinson, City of Oxford’s chief operating officer.

Per the new guidelines, the official colors of the logo are green and black and there will be a primary and secondary logo. The primary features the “tree logo” above the words ‘The City of Oxford’ while the secondary logo features the “tree logo” to the left of the same wording.