Oxford’s Cade Gray released from hospital, diagnosed with light concussion, stinger

Published 5:48 pm Sunday, October 13, 2019

A frightening moment in Oxford’s Thursday night football game was followed by some positive news a few days later.

After being taken off the field on a stretcher and riding away in an ambulance, Charger sophomore Cade Gray was released from the hospital over the weekend. Despite fearing the worst, Gray was diagnosed with just a light concussion and a stinger to the top of his shoulder, near his spine.

Laying on the field for quite some time on Thursday, Gray had no feeling in his legs and feet. he was transported to Baptist Memorial Hospital in Oxford, where he went through an MRI before being transported to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis. At the time, doctors were worried about a possible bruise and swelling in his spinal cord. As he arrived at Le Bonheur, Gray started to regain feeling in his toes and feet.

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Gray and his family saw a neurosurgeon around 3:30 a.m. Friday morning at Le Bonheur and had another MRI done. It was following these rounds of tests that Gray was diagnosed and released later on Friday.

“We’re past worry and concern and we’re just thinking about his recovery right now,” Dee Gray, Cade’s Father, said. “It was scary, but we’re thankful for all the support and everybody’s kind words. What cheered him up the most was seeing his teammates come by later on Thursday night. We couldn’t be more grateful for everyone’s support.”

Following Thursday night’s game, Oxford’s senior quarterback John Meagher and the entire offensive line group came by the hospital in Oxford to see Gray, along with the coaching staff.

Gray will have strict limitations on what he can and cannot do in the near future. He’s still very sore and can barely walk. He’ll go back to see the neurosurgeon again in two weeks, but is under strict orders rest until then. Gray and his family didn’t return home until over the weekend, having spent over 40 straight hours awake dealing with tests and recovery. They can’t stress enough the kind words and support they’ve been given over the last handful of days, Dee said.