IHL releases timeline of process for hiring Chancellor Boyce

Published 7:35 pm Monday, October 14, 2019

In an attempt to add clarity to what instantly became a controversial and polarizing decision 10 days ago, the Institutions of Higher Learning released the timeline of its search for the University of Mississippi’s next chancellor.

Dr. Glenn Boyce was announced by the IHL as the University’s newest chancellor on Oct. 4 via an email after the press conference scheduled to introduce Boyce was cancelled, due to public safety and other issues.

Since that day, University groups and others have condemned the process in which Boyce, who was a paid consultant for the search, was subsequently hired. Last week the University’s Faculty Senate passed a resolution demanding an explanation of the process of Boyce’s hire.

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The resolution had a deadline of 5 p.m. on Tuesday for the IHL to provide that information. They provided it nearly 24 hours ahead of time.

Along with a graphic that depicted the search process timeline, the IHL provided a statement. The statement references IHL policy 201.0505 E titled “Recruitment,” which “allows the Board, at any point in the process, to add additional candidates to the pool being considered without starting the process over.”

On June 30, 2018 Boyce retired as commissioner of the IHL. On Jan. 18 of this year, the University of Mississippi Foundation contracted Boyce to conduct a listening tour regarding the desired characteristics and credentials for the new chancellor.

In April, Boyce met with the IHL Board to present preliminary findings from the listening tours, and in June, Boyce completed his consulting contract, per the timeline.

On July 1, the search firm Buffkin-Baker began accepting applications for the University’s chancellor position. Boyce was contacted by Mark Baker, of Buffkin-Baker, and asked if he would consider being a candidate. Boyce declined.

Boyce was then contacted once more by Baker on Aug. 8 to see if he would consider being a candidate after he received more nominations than any of the other actual candidates for the position up to that day. Boyce then reiterated to Baker that he was not interested and would not be pursuing the position.

On Oct. 3, the second day of the two days spent conducting first round interviews with invited candidates, the IHL Board asked Baker to contact Boyce and see if he would meet with them. According to the timeline, Boyce accepted the Board’s offer to become chancellor after discussing the position “extensively.”

The Board then followed Bylaw 301.0510 D when it voted to suspend/waive the remainder of the requirements of its search process within Policy 201.0505 to hire Boyce.

The bylaw states: “A member may move to suspend any policies, bylaws or rules. A motion to suspend shall state the matter of business to be considered, must be properly seconded, and shall fail without a vote in favor of same by at least seven members of the Board.”

Monday was Boyce’s first official day of business as chancellor. He officially took over on Sunday. On Monday, the Abolish IHL Coalition marched to the Lyceum and protest the process, demanding the resignation of Boyce and the IHL Board.

To view the timeline, click here.