District 2 Supervisor Candidate Questionnaire

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 2, 2019

The general election will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 5. In preparation for the election, the EAGLE reached out to all candidates for Lafayette County Supervisor positions, as well as the two candidates for Sheriff of Lafayette County. Supervisor candidates were asked to answer five questions. 

Below are responses from District 2 Supervisor candidates Larry Gillespie (R) and Josh McGlawn (D).

1. What difference do you want to make in the lives of Lafayette County residents, if elected?

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Gillespie: I want ensure that Lafayette County Residents have a reasonable voice that represents the majority of the county. There are many people that are concerned with overregulation in the rural parts of the county. I want to ensure the current regulations are doing what they were intended to do, and any future regulations do not over step boundaries that restrict positive growth throughout the county. 

McGlawn: If elected, I plan to continue to listen to the citizens of District 2 of Lafayette County to service their needs and concerns. I would like to use the skills and ideas I have attained from my business experience and education to help discover new and innovative ways to make our community more attractive to people in every phase of their lives: school-age, young adulthood, raising a family and retirement. 

2. In Lafayette County, there is a strong need for infrastructure improvements. How do you plan to see those needs met?

Gillespie: In regards to public roadways, I intend to work with our County Engineer and our road manager to identify our infrastructure deficiencies. Once these deficiencies are identified and quantified, define a goal that maximizes taxpayer funds through engineering efficiency and contract negotiations with good quality contractors. I also intend to maximize Federal and State funding for all projects that are applicable. I will also work to facilitate the access of rural internet and other public utilities in rural Lafayette County.

McGlawn: Rural infrastructure has become one of the main components of my platform, upon listening to and noting the concerns of the people. If elected, I plan to work with local utility companies and explore private and governmental resources to expand utilities such as internet, natural gas and water to all areas in need. 

3. Lafayette County has a large number of people who earn minimum wage, or struggle to make ends meet. What are your plans to serve this population?

Gillespie: I will work to keep the current demand for the workforce of Lafayette County. Retain the current jobs that are in the county and also promote the county to draw in other businesses. This will give other opportunities to those earning minimum wage or are struggling to make ends meet. I will also work with the private and non-profit organizations in the community that help with these type situations. 

McGlawn: A large number of the hardworking people of Lafayette County struggle to make ends meet and earn an honest living. My proposed plan to serve this portion of the population is to help stimulate and maintain our economic development through means such as affordable housing and better paying jobs. Opportunities for affordable housing can be realized through partnerships with local companies as well as funds from federal grants. One solution to approaching underemployment, or providing better paying jobs, is to incentivize industrial and locally-owned companies to keep or bring businesses with higher paying jobs to Lafayette County.

4. When it comes to education, what are your goals for the LOU Community’s youngest residents?

Gillespie: Quite simply keep education in the spotlight for the county. Continue to partner with Three Rivers Planning and Development with the Community College Tuition Program. I would also like to find a way to encourage the young residents to pursue an education in a technical field. 

McGlawn: My goals for the youth of the LOU Community consist of supporting the continuation and expansion of existing and new early childhood development programs. Also, I believe that the earlier our youth are educated about the fundamentals of business and entrepreneurship, the better. As a member of the board of Young Professionals of Oxford (YPO), I plan to be as involved as possible in any programs that help develop these young people into being the Future Leaders of the world.  

5. What is one fact about yourself that you’d like to share with the undecided voter?

Gillespie: I am a conservative Christian that will work for the county and make decisions based on those values. 

McGlawn: I am humbled to be in the running for District 2 Supervisor. I am confident that my MBA, lifetime of business operations experience, and involvement on Community boards (Homeless Shelter Board and YPO) have equipped me with a very diverse set of skills to operate at a high level and be the best representative for my district.