District 4 Supervisor Candidate Questionnaire

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 2, 2019

The general election will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 5. In preparation for the election, the EAGLE reached out to all candidates for Lafayette County Supervisor positions, as well as the two candidates for Sheriff of Lafayette County. Supervisor candidates were asked to answer five questions. 

Below are the responses from District 4 Supervisor Candidates Derek Mooney (R) and Chad McLarty (D).

1. What difference do you want to make in the lives of Lafayette County residents, if elected?

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Mooney: I will make myself available to all residents in need. I will work hard to increase job opportunities, support our communities and give our law enforcement, fire departments and first responders the support they need to protect our residents.  

McLarty: I have had the privilege of serving the taxpayers of Lafayette County for eight years as your District 4 Supervisor. In that time frame we have done so many things to improve the quality of life for our citizens while maintaining one of the lowest tax bases in the state. I will continue to build on that foundation. 

2. In Lafayette County, there is a strong need for infrastructure improvements. How do you plan to see those needs met?

Mooney: I will work to seek money from the state to go along with locally generated tax dollars and prioritize improvements based on the need and the population affected. 

McLarty: We have joined forces with the City of Oxford and the University of Mississippi to develop a Transportation plan that will greatly assist in acquiring funding for new roads. We have partnered with them to build Pat Patterson Parkway and Sisk Ave Ext. We built F.D. Buddy East Parkway and have paved more roads than ever before with the help of hospital fund revenues that we invested with a return of $2.8 million yeartodate. 

3. Lafayette County has a large number of people who earn minimum wage, or struggle to make ends meet. What are your plans to serve this population?

Mooney: I want more skills programs offered to our residents. Programs that will allow our residents to seek vocational/career training, as well as literacy and language skills to prepare them for potential job opportunities. Keeping the Oxford-Lafayette School of Applied Technology open is a top priority. As a business owner in Lafayette County for the past 12 years, I see a need for this in our community.  

McLarty: Continue to work to provide training opportunities for individuals seeking a better quality of life and continue to work with developers to find ways to provide lower housing cost in Lafayette County. 

4. When it comes to education, what are your goals for the LOU Community’s youngest residents?

Mooney: Our young residents are the future of our County. My goal is to support our school districts 100 percent to ensure that the schools have everything they need to provide our children with a quality education. I want to see the school district continue to excel and improve. 

McLarty: To continue to work with early childhood programs which I think are key. Also, to continue to fund the TAP program that allows all Lafayette County residents to attend a twoyear college fully paid for.  

5. What is one fact about yourself that you’d like to share with the undecided voter?

Mooney: I am dedicated to Lafayette County, and you can count on me to be trustworthy, honest and neutral when it comes to making decisions that involve our County.

McLartyOpen, Dependable, Common Sense government for the last eight years that will continue if re-elected to serve you again. I would appreciate any undecided voters consideration on November 5th. Thank You.