District 5 Supervisor Candidate Questionnaire

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 2, 2019

The general election will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 5. In preparation for the election, the EAGLE reached out to all candidates for Lafayette County Supervisor positions, as well as the two candidates for Sheriff of Lafayette County. Supervisor candidates were asked to answer five questions. 

Below are responses from District 5 Supervisor candidate Mike Roberts (D). Republican candidate Johnny Mike Fortner did not respond to requests for comment.

1. What difference do you want to make in the lives of Lafayette County residents, if elected? 

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We should always be looking for ways to make a positive difference. If re-elected, I will continue to work for the folks in this county. Working together with the people of this county for the betterment of all has always been one of my top goals and it makes a difference. And I have found that when given the chance, most all people want to make a positive difference.  

2. In Lafayette County, there is a strong need for infrastructure improvements. How do you plan to see those needs met?

As our population grows, so does the age of our roads and bridges. Over the last eight years, we have built several new roads, replaced several bridges and paved more than ever before. The men and women at our road department do a GREAT job at taking care of this county. My job, if re-elected, is to make sure they have the funds and equipment to continue to address our infrastructure need. In a time of more and more unfunded mandates, it is important to go after all available money for infrastructure needs. 

3. Lafayette County has a large number of people who earn minimum wage, or struggle to make ends meet. What are your plans to serve this population?

We as local government must continue do all we can to recruit new industry here, from keeping the industrial park up to date to helping existing business grow. With workforce development opportunities, I believe we can gap some of the wage issues and get more people higherpaying jobs. 

4. When it comes to education, what are your goals for the LOU Community’s youngest residents?

I am very passionate about our educational systems here in Lafayette County. I believe that we should continue to provide support to our Tech school in any form possible. We hear all types of politicians talk about “trade ready” students; ittime to make a move. We need to utilize our partners at Northwest CC and their desire to be involved in reading our kids. Our local school systems do a great job getting our kids ready for life after high school, whether that is in trade fields or medical school, we need to make sure to provide all the support we can for ALL career paths. 

5. What is one fact about yourself that you’d like to share with the undecided voter?

I have enjoyed serving the folks of District 5 and with your support, I hope to continue. I have never claimed to get it all right, but I have always tried to educate myself on any decision I had to make, and make it for what I believed to be for the betterment of this county. My promise to you, is to always work for you, for us! I love this County and want my kids to always be proud of where we live.