Enjoy Flying Again with Private Air Travel

Published 10:40 am Thursday, December 12, 2019

Sponsored by Nicholas Air.

Imagine soaring the skies in luxury — a personalized, private flight without the worries and hassles of strangers kicking your reclined seat or unwarranted chatter in the rows around you. For over 20 years, Oxford-based Nicholas Air has been serving up this serene opportunity for people to travel among the clouds in style and peace.

Creating a better way to fly CEO NJ Correnti founded the company in 1997, and over the years he’s dedicated himself to building a business that customers will continuously return to for their flying needs. According to Peder von Harten, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Nicholas Air’s 500-plus members consider the company “the best kept secret in private air travel.”

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According to von Harten, it’s the close-knit, family-like relationships among company leaders, employees and members that makes Nicholas Air a standout from its counterparts in the niche business. “Our commitment to the relationship with our members really sets us apart from other brands in this industry,” he said.

The Nicholas Air experience is one you can share with some familiar faces — many Hollywood elites often use the Mississippi-based company, including actress Nicole Kidman and professional golfer Steve Stricker, among countless other individuals the company said they wished to keep anonymous.

“The great thing about private flight is that it is just that, private, but we do have some wonderful folks that enjoy their time on board with Nicholas Air—great people…are frequently seen getting on and off our aircraft,” von Harten said.

And there’s no shortage of travel destinations for the Nicholas Air fleet.

“On any given day, our aircraft will touch over half the country and see each Coast, as well as destinations in the Caribbean, Mexico and Canada,” von Harten said.

A focus on flying safety

In addition, other attractive features of Nicholas Air are ensuring safety while flying and keeping the company’s fleet equipped with the latest high-tech features in the field. “Safety is our number one focus, and while we push the technology limits or continue to grow our fleet of new airplanes, we still continue to keep the personalized service to our members at the forefront of what we do,” von Harten said.

Private air carrier is based in Oxford, Mississippi

Its workforce is another point of pride for the company. Currently, Nicholas Air boasts a team of more than 120 employees, with about half its workforce based in the LOU Community. “Our team hails from all over the country and are not only an experienced group of professionals in the industry, but all have brought themselves and their families right here to Oxford,” von Harten said.

In addition to Oxford, home to the new corporate headquarters, the company also maintains offices in highly-populated cities within the country’s Southern region: Dallas, Charlotte, Nashville and Atlanta. The goal of offering multiple locations is to increase the company’s “ability to service our clients,” von Harten said, adding that “Mississippi has always been our home.”

Recently opening its central office in Oxford, the company is expected to offer more work opportunities for locals, adding to the number of high-quality jobs in the city and surrounding Lafayette County.

“I expect to see us continue bringing great jobs into Oxford,” von Harten said. “There is a wealth of talent here in the Oxford area, and with positions available and a great brand behind it, we see nothing but growth in the immediate area.”

Already a company of notable success, in the future Nicholas Air is anticipated to continue its legacy of top-notch service and employees.

“As time goes on and we continue to grow, I expect Nicholas Air to be one of the top recruiters of families and professional talent into the Oxford community,” von Harten said.  https://www.nicholasair.com/