Oxford School District has 48 students earn perfect scores on MAAP tests

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, December 18, 2019

During their board meeting on Monday, the Oxford School District acknowledged academic excellence from dozens of its students.

Forty-eight students within the school district achieved a perfect score on the Mississippi Academic Assessment Program (MAAP) state tests in 2018-19. The students’ grade levels ranged from third to eighth grade, and the subjects in which they were tested were math and science.

Assistant Superintendent Bradley Roberson recognized every student and presented them with a certificate for their accomplishment of a perfect raw score, which means they answered every question correctly.

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“Don’t be lost on the fact that these students did not miss a single question on the state assessment,” Roberson said. “That is an incredible accomplishment for each and every one of them. We are so thankful, and parents, that credit goes to you as well. You have to have such a supportive home environment to be able to accomplish such great feats.”

Annually, OSD reports hundreds of students who obtain the highest scale score available, which allows for a small number of questions on the MAAP tests to be answered incorrectly.

The third-grade math test saw the most success, with 30 OSD students earning perfect scores.

The students who achieved the perfect score are as follows:

Third Grade Math – Morgan C. Avery, Cason T. Ball, Samual R. Blackwood, Sam Q. Bradley, James D. Brents, Makenzie R. Clark, Gabriel V. Cook, Ava M. Cross, Rigby T. Devera, Anorah B. Dowling, Ellen C. Downing, Walsh M. Driskell, Whitman R. Gibson, Cash A. Greer, Jerkylin A. Hilliard, Charles V. Homan, Haddie E. Houston, Sena M. Iu, Lopeti S. Kava, Michael G. Lowe, Kenneth C. NcNees, Braylen K. Parker, Dev. A Patel, Noah A. Stevens, Jackson D. Stone, Caleb M. Strum, Carson F. Tatum, Bowen N. Vaughn, Elizabeth G. Williamson, Linda Y. Zhang.

Fourth Grade Math – Dylan C. Carlisle, Alexa P. Farese, Sanya M. Gandhi, Kenton J. Laporte and Logan C. Meyer

Fifth Grade Math – Anatolii Avdiienko, Molly C. Jones, Jinseo Park, Saishri Rajesh

Sixth Grade Math – Prajwal M. Murthy, Alexandra I. Ritchie

Seventh Grade Math – Hylan G. Allen

Eighth Grade Math – Mina Kang, Aidan T. Sullivan

Eighth Grade Science – William Berry, Robert Colley, Walker Dabbs, Savannah Monteith