Lafayette County Sheriff Joey East unveils five-year strategic plan for Sheriff’s Department

Published 1:48 pm Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department now has a goal and a clear road map of how to get there, thanks to Sheriff Joey East.

After being elected to the post his father, F.D. “Buddy” East, held for over four decades last November, East began working on a long-term plan to bring the sheriff’s department into the 21st century and adapt to an ever-changing world.

East unveiled a five-year strategic plan for his department earlier this week.

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“During my campaign for the Office of Sheriff, I met with many of you in the community and in the law enforcement profession,” East’s message at the beginning of the plan read. “I have taken into consideration all the ideas, concerns and suggestions that were made. I believe we have put together a list of goals that are attainable and will lead us to improve on the professionalism that has been established and expected out of the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department for over the last 40-plus years under the leadership of the late Sheriff F.D. “Buddy” East.”

The main focus of the plan is to hold the sheriff’s department accountable for their actions and focus on self-improvement. East states the department’s values will be their P.A.C.T. (Professional, Accountable, Compassionate and Trusted) in their words and actions.

In the plan, several goals are laid out by East. Those include plans to: identify and implement immediate and long-term facility needs; enhance employee safety, growth and retention; embrace and integrate technology and improve safety and quality of life.

“It is my belief that the one consistent thing in life and in business, ‘is Change,'” East’s message continued. “The LOU Community right now is looking at many changes in the coming years geographically, demographically and politically landscape changes in response to crime and the economic realities of what this decade holds for us. We, in the Law Enforcement profession, must be at the forefront of preparing for the challenges these changes will bring.”

Last month, East spoke with the Lafayette County Board of Supervisors regarding the department’s eventual move into the old Department of Human Services building and renovations to that building, along with the old Justice Court building. He also discussed renovations needed at the Lafayette County Detention Center once the sheriff’s department moves out.

When it comes to embracing technology, the Sheriff’s Department has created a stronger presence on Twitter in recent months to help keep Lafayette County better informed.

People can read the full 2020-2024 Strategic Plan by visiting Lafayette County’s official website.