City of Oxford announces safety guidelines for waste disposal

Published 10:41 am Thursday, April 2, 2020

With the COVID-19 threat increasing everyday, and social distancing measures becoming more prevalent, the City of Oxford announced safety guidelines for disposal of waste.

The City is asking its residents to have all garbage, recycling and rubbish out by the street by 6 a.m. on their respective day of collection. People placing their waste the night before is acceptable. Residents should use gloves when moving their garbage cans and recycling totes to the curb for pickup and are asked to sanitize them.

“During this time, ‘essential personnel’ brings to mind doctors, nurses, and first responders. There are other front-line workers who are directly fighting the spread of COVID-19: The City of Oxford Environmental Services drivers, waste and recycle processing employees,” a statement by the City of Oxford read. “These employees play a critical role in ensuring our communities stay healthy as they move from business to business, house to house to collect waste, recycling and rubbish.”

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Residents who are self-isolating, for fear they might be a carrier of the virus, have been directed to self-isolate for 15 days or have been diagnosed with COVID-19, are asked to double bag all of their garbage securely and refrain from putting it out for garbage pickup until they have been cleared from having, or potentially having, COVID-19. Those residents are also asked to hold it for one week beyond being cleared before they dispose of it.

Those self-isolating are also asked use one large bag for all cleaning and sanitary waste (used tissues, paper towels, other cleaning and sanitary products and bi-products), and double bag and tie it tightly, then put it in with the rest of their garbage.

With reports of the virus living up to three to five days on certain items, people are encouraged to bag all landfill trash. No tissues, paper towels, napkins, other cleaning and sanitary products and bi-products, masks or rubber gloves should be placed in recyclables. All recycling should be kept loose, and all liquids should be emptied before disposing the container.