Why A Senior Living Community May Be the Right Move

Published 5:21 pm Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Sponsored by The Blake at Oxford

Imagine never having to take the trash out again. Or never having to go to the grocery store again. Or never having to wash the dishes again. Those are just some of the benefits of a senior living facility like the Blake at Oxford, according to Morgan Walter, its executive director, and Lori Hannah, its director of sales. “It can essentially be a care-free life,” the pair said.

“All of the things that we look at throughout our whole life as chores or obligations suddenly somebody else is doing them for you without you having to ask them to. That’s a huge benefit in and of itself.”

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Independence with Security

A senior living community such as The Blake allows its residents to “be as independent as they are in their own home” while also offering “the security of knowing that someone is here in case they need something”. All residents benefit from 24-hour on-site

nursing support and personal attendants, as well as housekeeping, three meals a day, which can be eaten in the community’s restaurant-style dining area or in their own apartments, transportation as needed and a concierge service.

A dedicated activities coordinator ensures residents never get bored, with activities including lunch outings, wine socials, trips to Walmart or to the library, live entertainment, Bible study classes, church services, a knitting club, and bingo. The social aspect of life at


The Blake helps to ensure that residents don’t experience the kind of isolation that often affects older people. This has been particularly important in recent weeks; with vulnerable residents quarantined due to the threat of COVID-19, staff at The Blake are working hard to make sure they don’t feel alone, with improvised activities like hallway bingo.

Residents also haven’t had to worry about the shortages of essential supplies such as toilet paper, groceries and hand sanitizer that have been affecting people out in the wider community, or the risks of going to the grocery store. “At this point in time living in senior living is a huge benefit to all of those who do because all of that stuff was taken care of and they didn’t have to worry about.”

Worry-free Living

Another thing that residents no longer have to worry about is paying the monthly bills, like the electric, cable, internet and groceries, as these are all included in the price – ensuring financial peace of mind.

The Blake at Oxford opened around four and a half years ago and has room for 100 residents in its community. Two-thirds of its apartments are designed for assisted living, while the remaining 34 are dedicated to its memory care program. Some of the residents have lived in Oxford all their lives, while others have moved here to be closer to family as they get older.

All have made the difficult, but ultimately rewarding, decision to give up their own home and move into the senior living facility – perhaps because that home was becoming too difficult to maintain, or because increasing infirmity means they’re no longer able to live at home.


Making the Move

“It is a big decision and a big change,” Walter and Hannah acknowledged. “Someone who’s 75, 80, 90-years-old, and they’re leaving a home they’ve been in for years, they are going to be nervous and scared. “But, the pair said, “We’re going to hold their hands throughout the whole process and to make it as easy as possible, because moving is a big deal no matter what age.”

As well as the support they receive from staff, new residents are also welcomed by those already living at The Blake. “The good thing about moving to a senior living community is that everybody who lives here has done it. They know what it feels like. They understand what it feels like to be new,” Walter and Hannah said.

While the decision to move to a senior living facility like the Blake is rarely a quick or easy one, it’s one that residents realise was the right one. “The majority will tell us, you were right – I should’ve done this years ago, or six months ago, because this really is a great place to be.”

Contact The Blake of Oxford to learn more at (662) 234-5050 or visit the website at https://www.blakeliving.com/oxford/home/