Nicholas Air Lands At New Location

Published 9:40 am Thursday, May 28, 2020

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The private air travel service, Nicholas Air, has expanded their corporate headquarters to a new location in Oxford, Mississippi, after moving to Oxford from Columbus, Mississippi, in 2019.

New Location

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Nicholas Air has recently moved from their old location on office park drive to a new site located at South Lamar Court next to the old Baptist Memorial Hospital. “We are in week 3 in our new location, and like any move, there are challenges, but overall, the transition has gone by smoothly,” said NJ Correnti, Founder and CEO of Nicholas Air.


Nicholas Air has regional offices in Atlanta, Dallas, Charlotte and San Francisco, but chose to make Oxford the location of its corporate headquarters.“We moved to Oxford from Columbus last year because of location and proximity for our clients, and to recruit more employees to come work for us,” said NJ Correnti, whose team of over 110 aviation professionals work directly with Members from all over the country, including notable names like Nicole Kidman, Eli Manning, and PGA Tour Players Steve Stricker and Daniel Berger.

“Oxford has a strong local community with restaurants, local businesses, great quality of life and a great school system making it an ideal place for us to move to and recruit potential employees,” said Correnti.

The future is bright with Nicholas Air.

Nicholas Air started with one airplane when founded in 1997 by NJ Correnti.  Today, they have expanded to over 23 jets throughout the country and continue to add new aircraft and show significant growth each year.

Nicholas Air’s future plans include continuing to develop their rapidly-growing program, add new aircraft types to the fleet, and continue to expand the footprint of it’s several lines of business in the Oxford area . “We continue to add new aircraft types each year, the next plan is to add to our midsize and super-midsize aircraft category as we continue a significant trend in competitive advantage in those aircraft,” said Correnti.

Nicholas Air strives to accomplish the growth of their maintenance division in the future to hopefully one day have the division in Oxford. “We strive to build a 20,000 sq ft. facility at the Oxford Airport for our growing maintenance division, and have all our divisions in one location,” said Correnti.

“Before the pandemic, the midsize aircraft category was a growing market segment for us, right now we have put the brakes on it to see how it settles out and see what the demand is. We forecast our demand will go up, but we are not sure if it will be for the midsize category, which is a higher cost per hour to use, or will customers want to be frugal with their money and use a light jet. So, we are holding out to see how it pans out, but regardless of how the consumer chooses to fly, our fleet has the aircraft needed for their specific mission” said Correnti.

Nicholas Air is headquartered in Oxford, Miss. and has regional offices in Atlanta, Dallas, Charlotte and San Francisco. To learn more about Nicholas Air and to discuss your private air travel needs, contact Nicholas Air by phone at 866-935-7771 or by email at or go to and fill out the form to learn more about the programs Nicholas Air has to offer.