Land development across Molly Barr to continue with planning

Published 3:39 pm Monday, August 10, 2020

Construction on the north side of Highway 30, west of Highway 7, will not be letting up anytime soon.

The land, which is west of Park Drive and across Molly Barr from Oxford Elementary, is under construction for a commercial subdivision, called Colonnade Crossing Subdivision, by MFM Development, LLC. The property is to be split with a third of the property being zoned for Traditional Neighborhood Business and the remaining two-thirds being zoned for Suburban Corridor. 

The City of Oxford’s Director of Planning, Ben Requet, says that they are preparing the property for future development, but do not know what is going to be there at this time.

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“MFM Development was approved for a Preliminary Plat subdivision by both the Planning Commission and the Mayor and Board of Alderman,” Requet said. “This subdivision approval allows the developer to proceed with infrastructure improvements such as grading, the installation of utilities, etc. as they prepare a site for development. At this time, the developer has not yet submitted a site plan for any of the lots in the preliminary plat.”

According to the Planning Commission Case 2630, “Staff has not received any proposal for site plans on any of the lots in this subdivision.” 

The case also mentions that “tree mitigation will not be necessary for the grading work performed according to the construction documents and the tree mitigation calculations.”

The property will not be used as a residential subdivision but rather as a commercial subdivision. 

Site plans indicate that the property will be divided into 22 lots of the 88 acres.