Oxford and Lafayette County School Districts report low COVID-19 numbers

Published 12:15 pm Monday, September 14, 2020

The Oxford and Lafayette County School Districts released their latest COVID-19 reports on Friday and Monday, reporting low numbers among its students, staff and faculty.

Both districts had been giving weekly reports on Friday, but OSD switched from releasing reports at the end of the week to the following Monday. The report will now include new cases from the following Monday to Sunday.

On Monday, OSD reported eight new COVID-19 across the entire school district with six student cases and two coming from faculty and staff. Oxford High School reported the most cases with four. Three OHS students tested positive and one member of the faculty. Central Elementary reported two new cases, both coming from students. Oxford Intermediate School reported one positive case from a student.

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With Monday’s report, there is an increase of six cases from the two reported during the week prior. Both of those cases reported on Sept. 4 came from two OHS students.

“As we begin our fourth week of school, our low case numbers are very encouraging,” said OSD’s public information officer Heather Lenard. “What this tells us is that school is most likely not the place of transmission. Our isolation and quarantine protocols are working to prevent outbreaks that would shut down an entire campus. Our staff, students and parents are to be commended for their cooperation.”

On Monday, OSD reported a total of 108 people were in quarantine between students and staff. The majority of the quarantine numbers are students, with 97 being reported. There are 11 teachers or staff members in quarantine. Those being asked to quarantine are due to contact tracing at school or because family members have tested positive or been exposed somewhere else in the community.

The largest number of student quarantines is coming from the first grade, with 29, while Kindergarten is the second highest with 22 and 10th grade reported 11 students. Every other grade currently has no more than five students in quarantine with the sixth grade reporting nine.

Of the 11 faculty and staff members currently in quarantine, four are in other OSD departments while both the fifth and ninth grade have two in quarantine. Kindergarten, first and sixth grades all have one in quarantine.

Last Friday, LCSD reported two new cases for the week of Sept. 7-11. Both cases came from Lafayette Middle School with one student and one faculty member testing positive.

Since Aug. 3, LCSD had reported a total of 19 cases with the most coming from Lafayette Upper Elementary with six and five of those being among teachers. Those cases caused the entire fourth grade to be quarantined for two weeks, starting Aug. 24. They returned to LUES on Sept. 7, when all LCSD students returned to campus for the first time this school year.

Lafayette Middle School has reported five cases since school began last month. Two students have tested positive and three staff members. Lafayette High School has had a total of three students test positive while Lafayette Elementary School had has one student and one staff member test positive. Three staff members from other LCSD departments have also tested positive since school resumed last month.