Canopy Children’s Solutions Transforming Lives

Published 4:02 pm Tuesday, December 1, 2020

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Canopy Children’s Solutions has served the needs of vulnerable children since 1912. Working to find loving forever homes for orphaned children, to later helping victims of trauma and emotional challenges learn to feel whole again, Canopy has pioneered solutions to meet the most vexing challenges facing Mississippi children and families.

Children like Zion…

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Zion saw how untreated mental health destroyed her family. As a young child, she had a wonderful life, a mom who had a good job, showed her love and attention, and encouraged her emotional and developmental growth. However, after her younger brother was born, she saw a decline in her mother’s mental health and physical well-being that ultimately led to Zion and her brother to being placed into foster care. While receiving care from Canopy’s team, Zion learned to process her anger and frustration and eventually came to a place of acceptance and understanding with her mother. She graduated second in her high school class and was offered a scholarship to Xavier University where she now studies pre-med psychology. Zion aspires to become a psychiatrist working with both adults like her mom and helping children cope with the struggles of mental health.

Not all wounds can be seen, and Canopy believes that every child, like Zion, can be a success story. Employing nearly 500 mental and behavioral health experts, educators and social service professionals throughout the state, Canopy is committed to driving innovation and offering effective and accessible solutions for children and families.

Canopy is thankful for community partners, like Regions, who support our mission to helping kids thrive. When you consider how you can make an impact in your community, we hope you will consider supporting Canopy’s long-standing mission helping children in your local area. Learn more about Canopy at Together, we can transform lives.