Supermarket Sweep: Regents School of Oxford holds fundraiser to benefit Interfaith Compassion Ministries

Published 11:18 am Monday, February 15, 2021

Trey Tatum scouted Larson’s CashSaver on Friday, but when running around the grocery store on Saturday, he still felt a little bit of panic.

For eight minutes, Tatum had free reign of CashSaver’s entire store as part of a “Supermarket Sweep” fundraiser hosted by Regents School of Oxford. The school partnered with Larson’s for the fundraiser, where people could spend $20 per raffle ticket for a chance to win an eight-minute shopping spree.

Most people entered the raffle for themselves, but roughly 20 percent entered for a chance to provide food for someone else or an organization. Tatum’s name was drawn, and he chose to provide food for Interfaith Compassion Ministries.

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With a prepared list in hand, Tatum scoured the aisles looking for as much food as he could get to help those who need it most.

“Having the opportunity to get this food to families who actually need it is an opportunity I’m thankful for,” Tatum said. “It was very exhilarating and my adrenaline is still rushing right now. It was very exciting and I’m very glad the people can receive the food.”

When the eight minutes were up, Tatum had two grocery carts overflowing with food. A majority of the list was filled before the final buzzer.  The final tally of Tatum’s haul came to nearly $400.

This was the first time Regents and CashSaver partnered up for the fundraiser, which raised $31,000 for the school. Regents is planning to use the money for their general fund.

Regents also purchased 30 CashSaver $50 gift cards for Interfaith Compassion Ministries.

“We’re just glad to be here to help out the folks who need it the most,” said store co-owner Brent Larson. “For Interfaith Ministries to be able to come in and we help them serve the community is just a worthwhile thing all the way around.”