Department of Transportation offers free rides to vaccination sites

Published 12:18 pm Wednesday, July 7, 2021

The Mississippi Department of Transportation is giving free rides to assist residents to their local COVID-19 vaccination sites.

This new statewide initiative places emphasis on helping disabled or low-income individuals, veterans, the elderly or anyone with transportation challenges and connecting them with local transportation providers.

Central District Transportation Commissioner Willie Simmons said he and his wife have taken the COVID-19 vaccine without any trouble and encourages everyone to vaccinated as soon as possible.

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“While the vaccine is not 100 percent full proof against the virus, it will likely keep those that get it from having to go to the hospital, or funeral home,” Simmons said.

The department’s toll free line is open and ready to offer information and referrals for transportation to vaccination sites by connecting callers to a designated regional call center.

Through the line, callers will be able to select their scheduled vaccination site from a menu of six options; Delta Area, Golden Triangle Area, Northeast Area, Central Area, Southern Area and Southwest Area.

Once the region is selected, the caller will be connected to the designated call center for the ride to be scheduled within 24-48 hours. For evening and weekend calls, every effort will be made to confirm scheduled trips by the next business day.

“If not having transportation is stopping you from being vaccinated, the solution is at your fingertips,” Simmons. “Please utilize these resources that will help keep you, your family and fellow Mississippians safe.”

The menu will also include an information option for questions and referrals through MDOT’s Public Transit Division. To reach the Public Transit Division contact them directly at (601) 359-7800.