2020 Census Update: Mississippi’s population dips, county population rises

Published 1:36 pm Wednesday, August 25, 2021

The U.S. Census Bureau released their 2020 Census Update showing population change across the nation’s states, counties and cities including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

The census data shows Mississippi’s population has decreased by 0.2%, or 6,018 people, since 2010 leaving the state with a total population of 2,961,279.

White Mississippians make up 56% of the state population, while Black or African American Mississippians make up 36.6%. The rest of the state is composed of 1.1% Asians, 0.6% American Indian or Alaska Native, and 2.7% of people who identify as two or more races.

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Mississippi is one of only three states to lose population and this could affect representation in the next census, according to Anne Cafer, director of the University of Mississippi Center for Population Studies and the State Data Center of Mississippi.

“This new data gives us access to critical county-level demographic data necessary for local, regional and state-level decision making on how to best organize and mobilize resources to improve community well-being,” said Cafer. “This is absolutely essential to keeping our residents in the state and recruiting folks to call Mississippi home.”

The state’s housing vacancy rate is 12.3% showing a 3.5% change in housing units since 2010.

Lafayette County has seen an increase of 17.87%, introducing 8,462 people to the county since 2010 bringing the area to a total population of 55,813.

White Lafayette County residents make up 70.4% of the population and Black and African American county residents only make up 20.4%. The population that identify as two or more races comes in third at 4.4% and the Asian population follows up at 3.0%. Other populations make up the rest with a combined 1.9%.

The Mississippi Standing Joint Redistricting Committee held a series of public meetings from August 5 to August 23 to obtain citizens’ comments and suggestion on redistricting efforts.

After each census, the Mississippi Legislature must redistrict both the state’s Congressional districts, and the districts of the Mississippi House of Representatives and the Senate to follow state and federal guidelines.

Record of these hearings can be found on the Mississippi Legislature’s YouTube Channel, which can be accessed at www.legislature.ms.gov.