Monoclonal antibodies present a new path for the COVID positive

Published 10:34 am Friday, September 10, 2021

RedMed Urgent Clinic of Oxford and Batesville has opened a COVID treatment center that strictly administers the monoclonal antibodies to prevent further COVID hospitalizations and deaths.

The Mississippi State Department of Health reported 1,892 more cases of COVID-19 in Mississippi, 35 deaths, and 135 ongoing outbreaks in long-term care facilities as of September 10. The state has a total of 460,312 cases and 8,905 deaths and 1,215,723 persons have been fully vaccinated.

Lafayette County has gained 44 new cases and one death. There have been no reports of LTC facility outbreaks or LTC facility deaths.

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The Mississippi healthcare system has been straining under the weight of numerous COVID patients who need to be hospitalized, placed in the ICU or put on ventilators.

As of September 8, there are 1,287 patients with confirmed COVID infection, 33 with suspected infection, 405 patients in the ICU and 289 patients on ventilators in the state.

To combat the increasing number of hospitalizations, health officials are encouraging the immunocompromised and the COVID-infected to get the antibodies to reduce the chance of hospitalization and death.

“Tuesday, we decided to help with the hospital because they’re just overflowing with patients needing the monoclonal antibody treatments and opened the covid treatment center,” said Family Nurse Practitioner Hope White.

White, director of Oxford and Batesville RedMed and the treatment center, said the facility is strictly for giving injections and infusions of monoclonal antibodies. Currently, both RedMed locations do not administer COVID vaccines.

“[Health organizations] are definitely pushing this to those who qualify,” said Hope White, Family Nurse Practitioner. White is the Clinic Director at Oxford and Batesville’s RedMed as well as the COVID treatment center.

A monoclonal antibody is a protein that functions like the antibodies made by the immune system in response to infection. By binding to a specific molecule on a virus or bacteria, a monoclonal antibody can enhance or restore the immune response against these pathogens.

Monoclonal antibodies can be effective at decreasing hospitalization rates and progression to severe disease and death for patients.

According to the MSDH, people who test positive for COVID-19 with mild to moderate symptoms who are at higher risk for developing more serious COVID-19 symptoms and are 12 years old and older are eligible for monoclonal antibody treatment. 

Being at higher risk includes those 65 years old and older, diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2), pregnancy, weakened immune system and cardiovascular disease to name a few. It is advised to speak with your physician to see if you qualify for monoclonal antibody treatment.

Those who are eligible must get the treatment within 10 days of onset symptoms and must bring proof of a recent COVID-19 positive test to their appointment.

For more information on RedMed Urgent Clinic of Oxford and Batesville and their covid treatment center, visit or call 662-234-6464.