LCSD to host women’s self-defense classes throughout the year

Published 11:39 am Monday, September 20, 2021

The Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department are hosting the Equalizer Women’s Self-Defense Program on four nights throughout the year to help women discover the power of self-protection.

The program will take place on Sept. 30, Oct. 21, Nov. 11 and Dec. 2 at 6 p.m. in the LCSD’s training building located at 713 Jackson Avenue.

EWSP educates women on how to identify and reduce the risks of of becoming victims of violent crimes and property crime. Additionally, women will learn how to defend against, survive and escape a physical attack.

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Personal Safety Objectives:
To educate adults and teens in the following:

 The facts concerning assault, rape/sexual assault and stalking as well as what options they
have if they or someone they know become a victim;
 How to recognize violent attitudes and dangerous situations:
 How to avoid being the target of an attacker.

Residential Security Objectives:

 The facts concerning property crime in general;
 The facts concerning burglary and home invasion:
 How to recognize and reduce the risk of being victimized by burglary and home invasion.

Equalizer Physical Self-Defense Objectives:

 Objectively reasonable use of force, the effects and mitigation of survival stress;
 Defending against common grab, hold and strikes while standing;
 Defending against common grab, hold and strikes when the struggle is on the ground;
 Defending against a knife or other sharp instrument attacks;
 Improving their confidence in their ability to defend themselves against an attack.

It is recommended that participants wear comfortable, gym clothing. There is no registration fees for the classes.

For more information on the Equalizer Women’s Self-Defense Program, visit For any additional questions, contact Tony Carleton at 662-231-3201 or email at