Lafayette County approves conditional use permit for 32-lot subdivision

Published 3:26 pm Tuesday, September 21, 2021

The Lafayette County Board of Supervisors have approved the conditional use permit for the Mayfield Subdivision that will be built on 535 Highway 30 and County Road 229 n.

“More and more we’re seeing plats of usage being proposed in agricultural areas and rural areas,” said Joel Hollowell, Lafayette County Director of Development Services. “The Planning Commission is looking at this from a compatibility standpoint.”

D.V. Homes LLC will develop the 32-lot, single-family residential subdivision in the A-1 district, an area allocated for the use of single-family residences and farms. Each lot will average out to 1.3 acres and, as a condition, the number of lots cannot be changed.

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“The Planning Commission felt that it’s important that the developer sticks to exactly what he is proposing,” said Hollowell.

According to the Director of Development Services Joel Hollowell, residential subdivisions do not have outright permission to be located in the A-1 district, but can be with a conditional use permit. He compared the Mayfield property to the Bell Terre subdivision, located to the west and across CR 229, that had similar conditions placed on it by the Planning Commission.

The developer will be required to dedicate 30 feet of right-of-way along CR 229 which is the western border of the property and to add adequate lighting to the subdivision’s entrance along Highway 30 to reduce the likelihood of accidents on Highway 30, a road that sees high-speed traffic.

The developer is still determining if the subdivision will need two entrances, in consideration of the Belle Terre entrance, or if the 32-lot property could be turned into a cul-de-sac depending on if it met the criteria.

Water will be provided to the subdivision by the Hopewell Water Association, a non-profit, consumer owned, waterworks utility company in Lafayette County. There will be an on-site facility and an on-site sewer according to Hollowell.