Planning Commission approves preliminary plat for subdivision

Published 3:14 pm Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The Lafayette County Planning Commission approved a preliminary plat for the Mayfield Subdivision on Monday.

D.V. Homes LLC is developing the 32-lot, single-family residential subdivision in a single-family unit and farming district on County Road 229 and Highway 30. According to the site plans, each lot will have 1.3 acres and 30 feet of right-away is designated for turning.

The developer and William Engineering Consultant Inc. have received their permits from the Mississippi Department of Transportation, will-serve letters from the Hopewell Water Association and sewer approval letters from the Lafayette County Health Department.

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“The only thing left before we start moving dirt after we get the plat approval is the [Department of Environmental Quality] permit which has been applied for and we’re waiting to hear back,” said Joey Moore, William Engineering’s Project Manager. 

Before the preliminary plat was approved, Director of Development Services Joel Hollowell addressed the issue of lighting in the subdivision which was a condition upon their conditional use permit.

The commission is concerned about insufficient lighting along Highway 30 which poses an issue to safety. Drivers should be able to see the lighting fixture and slow their approach as they turn into the Mayfield Subdivision.

“The lights light the signs but they don’t light the intersection,” said Hollowell. “We feel like it didn’t meet the spirit of the intent.” 

The commission recommended different lighting fixtures such as an overheard pole light to meet their standards. Moore agreed to address the issue and add appropriate lighting to meet their standards and reduce the likeliness of accidents.

D.V. Homes LLC is considering phasing the plats in the future and coming before the Planning Commission and Lafayette County Board of Supervisors to request plats for a certain number of lots at a time.