Cultivating your own leadership skills

Published 3:15 pm Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Dr Jeremey Meusuer from the University of Mississippi has researched leadership.  Exploring and examining the role of leaders, types of leadership and the development of leadership skills lead to the creation of the Excellence in Servant Leadership Program assessment tool, otherwise known as ESLP. 

Servant leadership is a holistic leadership approach that engages followers on relational, ethical, emotional and even spiritual facets empowering them to grow.  Servant leaders see themselves as stewards of organizations who seek to grow the resources entrusted to them.  A focus on the long term sustainability over immediate profit being a key element.

Meusuer has created an assessment tool for those seeking to explore and understand their leadership journey. The assessment tool provides feedback that includes details about important precursors and contributors to servant leader behaviors. 

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In addition to the individual’s assessment, each evaluation includes  the average score of historic ESLP participants,  a graph that shows your score compared to that average, and a personalized description of what your score means for you and how it may apply to your leadership journey. 

Dr. Meuser teaches that leadership is defined as a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal. In order to run a small business, an entrepreneur must master the concept of being an effective servant leader to succeed while kick-starting a business. Why? Meuser tells us that in order to lead one must know their-self. 

Community members are invited to take the assessment in the upcoming Big Bad Business Series workshops sponsored by the Arts Council and the Oxford Lafayette Chamber of Commerce. 

The free series provides opportunities to connect with resources available in the community that can assist those seeking to create income from a hobby, those seeking to grow a side business into a full time career, non profit managers seeking to apply business skills to their organizations, or established businesses.

The goal behind the workshop is to highlight the tools and resources available in the LOU.  

This is the third time Dr. Meusuer has offered the Leadership tool assessment as part of the Big Bad Business Series.  The partnership achieves several goals.  The assessment adds to the overall pool of data that assist those taking the asset in their leadership journey. It highlights the research, work and businesses being developed in Lafayette County and provides a tool that can assist community members in becoming engaged leaders with the LOU. 

The assessment is being offered free.  Advance registration is required . In order to complete the assessment, you will need an email address and a few minutes to fill out the online test. The ESLP workshop will take place on March 29th, 2022 at the Powerhouse.

In order to register for Dr. Meuser’s assessment visit For other questions about the workshop email or call 662-236-6429.