City to begin repairs at Oxford Parking Garage next week

Published 10:38 am Friday, March 4, 2022

The city of Oxford has partially blocked part of the Oxford Parking Garage between the first and second deck due to pieces of concrete cracking or flaking away on its’ surface.

This peeling, called spalling, is typically caused by erosion or freezing and thawing cycles and, in most instances, the defect does not affect the slab’s service life if untreated.

According to Director of Parking Matt Davis, city officials discovered concrete spalling on the column of the garage’s first floor at the connection point between the poured-in-place and double T garage floor.  

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Precast engineer and contractor Tindall Corporation was notified and, after inspection, advised the Street Department to move traffic to the east side of the on-ramp and to limit parking on the ramp until a permanent repair could be completed.

Repairs to the column and spandrel section will begin the week of Mar. 6.