Plenty to worry about; take time to give thanks

Published 1:45 pm Friday, March 4, 2022

Pandemic, global warming, MLB lockout, war in Ukraine, high gas prices.  What else can you add to the list of concerns?  Too many concerning issues overwhelming us these days.  So much negativity!

If only we could re-focus our attention to the fact that we are days away from Mother Earth erupting into a sea of blooms, the preview of our southern climate showing the beauty of nature that has been hidden during the winter months.  

Even with the prices of just about everything having gone up, we are still well fed and enjoy the benefits of comfortable living, for the most part.  We have no concern that our homes will be blown to bits from a war that makes no sense, which is being waged to satisfy a mad man.  Our neighbors are good people who share the same struggles that we all do.  We all pull together when the need arises.  Our children and grandchildren have great educational opportunities, being taught by some of the most talented, dedicated teachers.  Remember the days of at-home schooling?  Aren’t we grateful for these teachers!  

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Even with the struggles of the pandemic, we are fortunate to have skilled health care workers who put it all on the line for our health.  We should take a moment to thank them for their dedicated service, for getting us well and keeping us well with modern medicines.  

Think about our firefighters and police officers.  We can take comfort that they are the finest professionals who are always looking out for the citizens and taking care of our community in ways that we don’t even know about.  

We have clean running water, garbage pick-up, and many other services that we just take for granted.  We have a lovely little community that is to be envied.  Look around at any other small town and you won’t see the vibrancy that exists in our municipality.  It is the proper mix of young and old.  

Yes, we have crime and there are many things that can be improved upon.  But think how many things are just right.  In our little corner of the world, we can create the near-perfect lifestyle.  Yes, we have to work for it, contribute to the common good and common goals.  But we have the freedom, the opportunities, and the skills necessary to make our life pretty idyllic.   We are not restricted by an oppressive government.  We are free to pursue our own goals in life.  We can worship freely; we can speak our minds.  Freedom of speech.  I feel extremely fortunate to be able to express myself freely in this column and I am more than grateful for you, the readers, who have been kind enough to read my stuff and often respond very positively to my ramblings.  

So, while the pandemic isn’t over, it’s more controlled and we have begun to resume a more normal day to day routine.  Global warming is a monumental challenge and one that will require the entire globe to change.  The MLB lockout will end—or not.  Is America’s past-time all about the money?  The war in Ukraine?  How very, very sad.  So many people killed and displaced from their homeland for no good reason.  The high gas prices?  We’ve seen them before, and we will likely continue to deal with them.  In the meantime, just try living your life.  Make each day count.  We’re all in this together.  


Bonnie Brown writes a weekly column for The Oxford Eagle. Contact her at