Oxford University Bank reopens on Jackson Avenue

Published 3:45 pm Thursday, March 10, 2022

Oxford University Bank has reopened its second location on University Avenue with key improvements that will benefit its customers.

“We’re just real excited to back on Jackson Avenue,” said David Guyton, CEO of OUB. “The branch itself has a kind of more modern look than your typical branches, so we’re excited to see how that goes.”

In June 2021, OUB moved out of 2301 Jackson West Avenue and began a search for a better place to settle.

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“We looked up and down Jackson Avenue,” said David Guyton. “We wanted to stay on Jackson Avenue because it’s such a vibrant, growing area.”

OUB then rejoined businesses at its new spot located at 1800 Jackson West Avenue, just a minute away from its former site, and officially opened for customers on Monday, Mar. 7.

Wishing to start anew, OUB demolished the building previously at the site and created a new one from scratch.

The reopening took longer than anticipated due to labor shortages and supply chain issues backing up the construction schedule. Despite the long wait, Guyton said OUB employees are excited about the reopening and to show off the new improvements.

“The main thing we think is it’s easier to get in and out of our new location than it was the old one,” said Guyton. “It was just really hard to get in and out of the building. This seems a little more open to where you can pull out into the turn lane and work your way to where you need to go.”

The new Jackson Avenue OUB boasts technological advancements with two new Interactive Teller Machines, also known as video remote tellers.

“It’s like an ATM except you can also talk to a live person and that person is here located in our main office,” said the CEO. The ITM includes an ATM-like touch screen and buttons, but it will also have a handheld phone providing direct access to the bank teller.

“You can do transactions just like you would with a teller,” he said. “You can use as both. You can use it as an ATM or to talk with somebody.”

For more information on Oxford University Bank, visit their website at www.oubol.com. OUB has two branches in Oxford: one located at 1500 University Avenue and 1800 Jackson West Avenue.