Spring Three Blind Wines coming April 12

Published 2:37 pm Tuesday, March 15, 2022

The Yoknapatawpha Arts Council announces the addition of a Spring Edition of its annual event, Three Blind Wines. The Arts Council has successfully hosted Three Blind Wines for 10 years, each year in October.  As part of the 50th Year Anniversary kick-off celebration, The Arts Council has added a Spring edition of Three Blind Wines with the proceeds supporting the expansion of the Powerhouse.

To keep with its Spring theme, the event will focus on white, rosé, or sparkling wines.  

To participate in the events, teams of two must purchase a ticket from The Arts Council, and purchase three bottles of the same wine (white, rosé, or sparkling variations) from a participating liquor store. The participating liquor stores of this year are High Cotton, Social Wine and Whiskey, Star Package Store, Magnolia Wine and Spirits, and Kiamie Package store.

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Wines that are purchased from a participating liquor store may be left at the establishment to be picked up by the YAC team in the days leading up to the event. YAC has partnered with local wine stores to assist participants in selecting different wines to try and assist in picking a distinctive wine. For participants who are not confident in their wine selection, The Arts Council has Sommelier Tickets available, in which a sommelier will pick a bottle for their team. 

On the night of the event, participants can come out and taste as many of the selected wines as they would like, voting on their favorite. As a souvenir from the event, guests will receive a custom tasting glass sponsored by Market Realty. Two of the three bottles presented by each team are placed into blind bags, with the third going into the wine vault for the winner. The team that brings the crowd picked, favorite bottle of wine, wins every team’s third bottle (usually between 30-75 bottles!)

“The Three Blind Wines event in the Fall has always been one of my family’s favorite events,” said Keith Black of Market Realty. “And now, we have the Spring Event and I am so honored to sponsor it.  Come join in, bring your choice wine and let’s see if you can take home the bounty.”

Team Tickets are $45 for non-members of the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council, and $40 for current members. Sommelier tickets run $110 per team for non-members, $100 for members). Tickets can be purchased online at oxfordarts.com/events/3blindwines.


Wayne Andrews, executive director of the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council, writes a weekly column for The Oxford Eagle.