Property Transfers from March 21, 2022 to March 25, 2022

Published 4:30 pm Friday, April 1, 2022

Property transfers between March 21 – March 25, 2022 recorded with Chancery Court for zip code 38655 – Oxford, MS:


Corr Properties, LLC to Kevin and Rachel Wilkins, Lot 57 of The Grove at Grand Oaks Subdivision.

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David L. Smith to Danny Hipp, Two tracts in the Southwest Quarter of Section 10, Township 9 South, Range 3 West.

Kellie Lindsey to Matthew Lindsey, Lot R72 of Windsor Falls Subdivision.

David Misenhelter to Tyler Armstrong, Lot 4 of The Preserve Subdivision.

James and Misty Pritchard to Grace Rentals, LLC, A tract located in the Southeast Quarter of Section 33, Township 7 South, Range 3 West.

Thomas Reynolds and Dung Mong Ho to Kartick and Shilpa Shirur, Lot 5 of Oak Ridge Subdivision.

Joseph and Nicole Gladden to Joel and Christy White, Lot 22 and part of Lot 23, Bramlett Gardens Subdivision.

R U Redi Properties, LLC to Whitt Long Builders, Lot 94 of Highlands Subdivision.

Billy Autry to Bilesha Autry, A fraction of the Southeast Quarter of Section 10, Township 8 South, Range 3 West.

Greg and Lisa Rutherford to Patrick Shannon and Andrew Phillips, Unit 19, Phase 2, The Enclave Condominiums.

Talmage and Bonnie Reid to Hooper Properties, LLC, A tract in the Northwest Quarter of Section 22, Township 8 South, Range 3 West.

HFVE Farms, LLC to Russom Construction, LLC, Lots 55 and 56, Lakeshore Subdivision.

Joseph and Vickie Phillips to Christine Bates, Unit 2401, The Mark Condominiums.

Scott and Lori Meadows to Azret and Olga Kalmykova, Lot 93, Woodland Hills Estates Subdivision.

Kirk Hazen et al. to Kirk Hazen, Lot 15 and a fraction of Lots 12 and 13, Garner Heights Subdivision.

Westbrook Construction Co. of Oxford, LLC to Theseus, LLC, A fraction of the Northwest Quarter of Section 15, Township 8 South, Range 3 West.

Marcus and Donna McAnally to LGC Oxford Properties, LLC, Lot 1, Creekwood Subdivision.

William and J. Renee Cain to Leolen and Barbara Vinson, Northwest Quarter of Section 7, Township 8 South, Range 4 West.

The Crossing at Oxford Commons, LLC to Joaquin and Jennifer Martinez, Unit 262, The Crossing at Oxford Commons Condominiums.  

Jennifer Nelson to Jerry Nelson, Lot R7 of Windsor Falls Subdivision.

Jerry Nelson to Jerry Nelson and Paula Jean Wellington, Lot R7 of Windsor Falls Subdivision.

Cara Petersen to Larry and Elisa Phillips, Unit 4, Jackson Terrace Condominiums.

Larry and Elisa Phillips to Three Brothers Investments, LLC, Unit 4, Jackson Terrace Condominiums. 

Neil and Carolyn Olsen to Fair Properties, LP, Unit 32, 200 Washington Avenue. 

Kirk Hazen to Ole Meyer, LLC, Lot 15 and a fraction of Lots 12 and 13, Garner Heights Subdivision.

Leo and Beverly Deistler to Clyde and Mary Ann Watson, Lot 175 of Wellsgate Subdivision.

  1. Mitchell Massey to Omer and Madelyn Oates, Unit 403 of Augusta Place Condominiums.

Sandy Rogers et al. to Sandy Rogers, Lot 7 of Twin Gates Subdivision.

Hugh and Nellie McClain to Nikia McClain, Northwest Quarter of Section 9, Township 7 South, Range 1 West.

Brian Kitchens et al. to Leslie Kitchens, A tract in Section 19, Township 9 South, Range 2 West.

Leslie Kitchens et al. to Brian Kitchens, A tract in Section 19, Township 9 South, Range 2 West.

Dereal and Bonnie Kay Gipson (Holland) to Ronald Williams, Lot 90, Brittany Woods Subdivision.

Nick and Augusta Weaver to WF Rentals, LLC, Lot 53 of Ridgeland Heights Subdivision.

Connor and Courtney Callaghan to Joseph Ulm, Unit 108, Bienville Place Condominiums.

Bodean Roseberry to North 75, LLC, Unit 204, Esplanade Condominiums.

Michael and Patricia Grandi to Mark and Melissa Pedron, Lot 17 of Tuscan Hills Estates.

Richard and Melissa Hankins to Odalys Garcia and Oswaldo Suarez, Lot 60 of Oxmoor Place Subdivision.

James Garrett et al. to Nicholas and Lauren Simokaitis, Unit 3304 of Esplanade Condominiums.

Jacquelyn Myers to Lagniappe Properties of Mississippi, LLC, Unit H2, Old Taylor Place Condominiums.

Michael Stasny to Gary and Cynthia Grubb, Fraction of the Southeast Quarter of Section 24, Township 8 South, Range 4 West.

Kymberle Gordon et al. to Kymberle Gordon, Lot 18 of Shelbi’s Place Subdivision.

Lawrence and Marion Kuehnle to Trev J. Clark Revocable Trust, Unit 501, Stonegate at Wellsgate Condominiums.

Weaver Family Holdings, LLC to Douglas and Debra Wheeler, Lot 7 of Ridgeland Heights Subdivision.

Edward Connell to John Huggins, Unit 86, Jackson Square Condominiums.

James and Wendy Cole to Joseph and Elizabeth Cazayoux, Unit 801, Calton Hill Condominiums. 

Tonya Knight to Michael Cole Knight, A fraction of the South Half of Section 23, Township 8 South, Range 5 West.