Powerhouse: A space for testing out ideas

Published 12:30 pm Wednesday, April 6, 2022

The Powerhouse for many residents is a place for community events.  Plays, concerts, holiday markets, community fundraisers, and private events from weddings to business meetings.  The Arts Council views it as a space for testing out ideas.  April brings a host of those ideas from local creatives who needed space, equipment, and support to bring their vision to an audience.  

The Black Fashion Society will present The Social Network a pop-up market and fashion show on Friday, April 8th.   The event offers a showcase for local creatives with a passion for fashion, clothing, make-up, and art from students to established businesses.  The Pop Up Shop is free and opens at 5 pm with the fashion show at 7 pm. 

Tickets to the fashion show are $10 in advance and $15 at the door.  Artists created one-of-a-kind apparel, will style models, or upcycled clothing. 

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Providing a space that builds a community of creatives is one of the roles the Arts Council views as part of its mission.  Hosting a program that showcases entrepreneurs and creatives inspires others to pursue their vision, encourages businesses to start in our community, and connects emerging entrepreneurs with resources. 

Through these programs, we have learned about small businesses that have been connected with the Chamber of Commerce, Small Business Development Center, or received funding through the Builders + Backers program.

The Arts Council’s technical staff will break down the runway following the fashion show and transform the stage for a one women show, Fury, by performing artist Lauren Bone Noble. FURY!, written and performed by Lauren Bone Noble, is an interactive retelling of the Greek myth of Medea in the comically irreverent clown style of Bouffon.

The play weaves an intricate tale of ancient myth and contemporary madness. Part grotesque goddess, part impish provocateur, The Clown asks the audience to examine its own delight, revulsion, and complicity in a mad, mad world.  The work is being produced at the Powerhouse to allow the artist to document the production for submission to performing arts festivals across the country. 

A suggested donation of $10 to assist the artist in covering the costs of the production is requested but those wishing to enjoy a night of theatre. Noble has paired the performance with an exhibit by artist Cheyenne Carol.

The Arts Council can support artists’ use of the space and provide staff to manage everything from setting up chairs to operating the lighting and sound system through regular fundraisers.  Offering smaller regular fundraisers over an annual  Gala event the Arts Council seeks to engage community members in a wide variety of experiences.  The idea to create a series of fundraisers was to offer different opportunities to engage the community tapping into their varied interests in music, food, wine, and art.

April 12th at the Powerhouse will feature 3 Blind Wines – white & rose edition. Traditionally offered in the fall focusing on red wines community members have been requesting a white wine version for several years. The event invites wine lovers to donate 3 bottles of the same white or rose wine to the tasting.  The wine’s labels are covered and attendees taste all the wines donated voting for their favorite. The team which donated the wine with the most votes wins one of the bottles from all the other teams. 

Tickets to all these events can be found on oxfordarts.com   Have an idea for a program or event?  The Arts Council is always seeking opportunities to support our community of creatives.  Managing spaces from the Powerhouse, Old Armory Pavilion, and Lafayette County Multi-Purpose facility provide the Arts Council with tools, spaces, and resources to host a wide series of programs. 


Wayne Andrews is chairman of the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council.