Let’s make the effort to focus on the positive

Published 9:45 am Wednesday, June 15, 2022

I remember “back in the day” that we got our news reports via a radio station in the early morning over coffee and breakfast while getting ready for work and school, mostly all local news.  Then national news reports again with the evening Huntley-Brinkley Report, later to become the NBC Nightly News.  These days, there are entire networks devoted to news reporting 24/7, and are often more in the business of trying to sway our political leanings.  

The news this week is about rising gas prices, lack of baby formula, and obviously Smucker’s has had a blackberry crop failure as I can’t find any seedless blackberry jam around.  How did we arrive at the crossroads of Covid and monkeypox along with a war in Ukraine?  It is 2022, not 1942!  How can Putin convince the Russian citizens this war is justified?  The news is unending.  How can there be so much crime—so many mass shootings across the United States?

Let’s drill down for some other headlines.  Queen Elizabeth just celebrated her Platinum Jubilee.  Quite a commitment she made to service of her country — truly a lifetime of service.  All the pageantry was amazing as was the stunning attire of each member of the Royal family.  Then there were the lip readers (yes, lip readers) revealing what the Royals were saying to one another during the various public appearances.  Nothing juicy, just chatter as far as what I read.  Nothing like some of the “open mic” episodes of our leaders and celebrities.  But little Prince Louis stole the show as only a 4-year-old can do by making faces, having a near melt-down, and covering his mother’s mouth with his hand.  Can you imagine his behavior on any given day in the privacy of his residence?  I think he might be a little spoiled.  

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For those of you who follow Twitter, Elon Musk has yet to seal the deal to acquire the company.  Why should we care?  Because it’s part of the news!  The reporting agencies seem to be very interested in Elon Musk and whatever is happening in his life.  He even figured in the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard proceedings with Musk being Ms. Heard’s “ex.”  If Elon Musk should roll his eyes, you can count on it being reported as news.

Also, for your information, Johnny Depp hosted 20 of his pals celebrating at a restaurant in Birmingham, England.  He reportedly spent more than $62,000 for multiple rounds of cocktails, rosé Champagne, and curry dinner on Sunday, May 5.  Hope he’s not counting on receiving the settlement from Ms. Heard to pay the tab.  I read that she is appealing the verdict because she doesn’t have the resources to pay Mr. Depp.  

On to news from Hollywood.  It appears that Tom Cruise has struck gold with his recent movie “Top Gun: Maverick.”  Everyone who has seen it loves it.  And I read that Tom Cruise waited to release the movie during Covid so that it could be seen in theaters with the full movie experience of sound and a wide-screen canvas.  No streaming for this one.  Except there’s now a lawsuit brought by the family of the author Ehud Yonay whose article inspired the original 1986 “Top Gun” for copyright infringement, stating that the studio failed to reacquire the rights to Ehud Yonay’s 1983 article, “Top Guns.”  Why the late lawsuit if it’s been floating around out there since 1986?  Stay tuned.  

And in sports news, it appears that Phil “Lefty” Mickelson has abandoned the PGA and will play in rival Saudi-Backed Golf Tour’s debut event.  Say it ain’t so.  Mickelson, age 51, has long been a favorite among golf enthusiasts.  Will he retain their loyalty?  Will he disclose the amount he received as a signing fee with the Saudi LIV Golf League?  According to reports, Dustin Johnson who also signed received $125 million.  Nice enticement to be sure.  Was that Lefty’s deciding factor to sign?  

So, how’s that for diverting your attention from all the news that keeps us awake at night—inflation, war, dwindling supplies, talk of a recession, etc. etc.  Instead, let’s make the effort to focus on the positives.  We are fortunate enough to live in the good ol’ USA!