County issued Regents a conditional use permit for school expansion

Published 1:30 pm Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Expansion plans for Regents School of Oxford are moving full speed ahead.

Last month, the Lafayette County Planning Commission approved a conditional use permit for Regents to develop a new facility at 274 County 102.

On Monday, the county Board of Supervisors held a public hearing for approval of a conditional use permit.

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Joel Hollowell, Director of Development Services Joel Hollowell, told the board that the facility is only the beginning of Regents’ expansion plans.

“They have a master plan to eventually move all of their facilities from their current location on College Hill to this new location,” said Joel Hollowell. “For now, all they are requesting is to build one building.”

The facility will be divided into three “pods,” described Hollowell. The facility will be divided into three “pods,” described Hollowell, that will hold 14 classrooms for 6th through 12th grade, administrative space, a cafeteria, a gymnasium and a weight training area. The school estimates that 280 students will occupy the new facility.

Designs also include 101 designated parking spaces, an overflow area of gravel parking and additional gravel access off the north end of the property.

In June’s Planning Commission meeting, County Engineer Larry Britt voiced the potential issues of the development’s design. Britt said the roundabout engineers planned to construct could cause traffic to back up into the main roadway.

According to Hollowell, Britt followed up with engineers in order to reach a solution.

“He has had extensive conversations with the engineers and he believes that through the site plan process that they can work out those issues,” said Hollowell.

The Lafayette County Board of Supervisors approved the conditional use permit with the Planning Commission’s recommendation of approval.