Aldermen awards construction bid for Brittany Woods Water Improvement Project

Published 11:41 am Wednesday, July 20, 2022

The city of Oxford now has a construction company to take on the Brittany Woods Water Improvement Project.

The water improvement project will increase the size of the water main within the Brittany Woods Subdivision and neighboring apartments and provide fire hydrants throughout the following annexation. It will also provide a future connection point for the Punkin Water service area.

During a regular Oxford Board of Aldermen meeting, City Engineer Reanna Mayoral announced that the city received a total of three bids on Wednesday, July 13 for the water improvement project. Of those bids, Eubanks Construction Company provided the lowest and best bid in the amount of $2,808,064.10.

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Read Bids for Brittany Woods Water Improvement Project

Eubanks’ bid did exceed the amount budgeted by the city’s Water and Sewer Department for the current Fiscal Year by about 7.5%, however, it is still below the amount budgeted for the upcoming Fiscal year and the city is allowed to accept it by the state law.

“There are funds the board has allocated and I just wanted to note that when we considered the budget for this year, we considered the price escalations that we’ve seen for COVID,” said Mayoral.

After the review, the Oxford Board of Aldermen approved Eubanks Construction Co.’s bid for the project.

A construction company has been appointed but work will not begin in Brittany Woods just yet.

The contract has a provision that work cannot begin in a phase until all materials for that particular phase are on site. This provision is in place to prevent prolonged disruption to the public streets and areas in front of homes since development takes place primarily within a residential neighborhood.