A few little ‘life hacks’ make everything better

Published 10:30 am Saturday, July 30, 2022

I’ve shared with you before that I am always and forever looking for “life hacks.”  You know, the perfect shortcut to a task that makes life easier that clever people come up with.  There’s a bunch of lists of these hacks that you can easily find on line.  I always look for the ones that save time and make me more efficient and maybe improve my looks.  

I have found hacks on Instagram, TikTok, and Reels on Facebook—all are enormous time wasters which kind of defeats the whole idea of saving time and being more efficient.  I’m forever looking for tips on easy ways or products to do any type of housework.  I take pride that I can fold fitted sheets but am unable to fold towels that tuck in and look like a five-star resort hack.  

Any tips on using the latest wrinkle cream always gets my attention.  I have gone through several different moisturizing face creams, hand cream, foot lotions, and makeup foundation through the years and have pretty much settled on the ones that work best for me and are more affordable.  Some are very pricey!  Perhaps they aren’t quite the miracle in a jar I was hoping for, but they work the best for me.  Although quite honestly, my foot cream seems to leave my feet smooth and I’m sorely tempted to try it on my face!  It frustrates me when one of my products falls into the category of “new and improved.”  Is it new—or even improved?  I have my doubts.  Perhaps all that is “new” is the packaging and all that does for me is make it more difficult to locate when I need to replenish my supply.  

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Recently, I came across an amusing post on Facebook that said that older ladies could remove wrinkles in their face by going bra-less.  I’m not sure how accurate this claim is but I did see an older lady the other day who had a lovely face but even more noticeable about her was the fact that her “headlights” were visible just barely above her belt line.  So, my advice is to be very mindful about the area that might get noticed.  

On one video I watched there is “Grouch Granny” or maybe it’s “Grumpy Granny.”  I will say this, she definitely looks grumpy as in her brows are furrowed, her overall look is frazzled, her voice is gruff, and she is always complaining.  She didn’t demonstrate any hacks other than the fact that I hope not to morph into a grouchy granny!  I think her outrageous and negative demeanor are intended to be humorous, but I will admit that I hurriedly click on past these.  

My favorite hacks include these:  When I put something away, in order to remember where I put it, I will say out loud “I am putting this (name the object) in this drawer.”  I promise it will help you remember.  Freeze a wet sponge inside a Ziplock bag to serve as an ice pack.  A bag of frozen peas also works well.  Use a bread wrapper clip and attach it to the end of a roll of tape so you can easily find the end.  Clean your shower door by spraying it with window cleaner and wiping it with a dryer sheet, then squeegee it dry.  You can wash baseball caps in the dishwasher.  Be sure to remove any paper crown inserts from the cap before doing that, then let air dry.  Use your cheese grater to “slice” cold butter off the stick to butter your toast.  

So, whatever shortcuts you can use to make your chores easier, do so.  I know I can use all the help I can get.  Just be sure not to use one that’s not really suited to the task at hand.  That only wastes time.  And don’t be a Grumpy, Grouchy Granny!


Bonnie Brown writes a weekly column for The Oxford Eagle. Contact her at bbrown@olemiss.edu.