Anubis Improv brings a decade of joy to Oxford

Published 2:30 pm Wednesday, August 10, 2022

David James Hamilton’s varied career taught him two major lesson: That one never knows what will start you down a career path and that Improv is a skill for everyone.

While working as a program coordinator for a company that offered corporate and business team building workshops, Hamilton was encouraged to take an Improv class. He had hoped it might help him with his current job or explore becoming involved in acting. Instead, it launched a new career. 

In taking the class he realized that everyone has their own voice. Learning to use that voice improves listening, confidence, and mindfulness impacting one’s personal and professional life. Hamilton continued to take classes. Then started teaching classes. Eventually becoming a co-conservatory director. Finally creating a curriculum focused on building creativity and connections for both actors and business he founded Anubis Improv.

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Hamilton shared that improvised creativity comes naturally to us as children, but we often lose sight of its value as adults. Improv comedy training can help us begin to once again work out those creative “muscles”, leading to more confident social interactions, stronger professional and personal relationships, and a regular outlet for joy in our lives.  Improv has business applications as it is an art form that relies on confidence, clear communication, and collaboration. All skills at the heart of every great business.  Hamilton designed team-building workshops to hone these skills with fun exercises that incorporate mindfulness and creativity to create tangible results for an organization.  His workshops for actors utilize Improv skills to assist performers in going from memorizing lines to creating characters who are real.

Hamilton is excited to bring his skills and Anubis Improv to Oxford this fall. He is married to Oxford native Maggie White, and the couple is relocating from Scotland to Oxford adding their skills to a thriving creative community.  Anubis is offering Improv workshops through the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council which are designed to unlock participants’ creative energy. The workshops are focused on bringing joy through communication and connection.  No previous experience is required. Hamilton hopes with the tools provided in these workshops participants will find their path to use these skills. To see a full schedule of classes visit


Wayne Andrews is chairman of Yoknapatawpha Arts Council.