Bramlett Kindergarten readiness among top in Mississippi

Published 4:20 pm Friday, September 2, 2022

Bramlett Elementary kindergarten students scored among the top nine school districts on the STAR Early Literacy in the spring of 2022 with 77.18% of students scoring at or above 681, the benchmark for a trajectory to meet grade 3 reading expectations.

Star Early Literacy assesses students’ foundational reading, language and vocabulary, and numeracy skills in key domains down to the subskill level.

Oxford joins other top-scoring districts Neshoba County, Amory, Enterprise, Kosciusko, Stone County, South Delta, Yazoo County, and Newton County.

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Given in the fall and spring of each school year, the assessment provides parents, teachers, and early childhood providers with an understanding of what children know and are able to do upon entering first grade.  Bramlett Elementary tested 355 kindergarten students and reported an average scale score of 516 in the fall and 740 in the spring- a 224-point increase.

Seventy percent mastery of knowledge and skills in early literacy and numeracy at the beginning of kindergarten was selected as the level of mastery for the kindergarten readiness benchmark. Data shows it provides both a measurable distinction between Pre-K and kindergarten skills on STAR Early Literacy and a strong prediction of proficiency as measured by STAR Reading in Grade 3. The minimum beginning-of-year kindergarten scale score associated with 70% mastery is 530. This score was identified to be the beginning-of-year kindergarten readiness benchmark (Renaissance Learning 2014).
The Oxford School District uses STAR Early Literacy data to equip classroom instruction and services provided to its students. “I am encouraged by the resilience of our young learners. The students included in this report endured various changes to their learning environment over the course of pre-k and kindergarten. This data also reinforces the importance of getting students into our district as early as possible. Our district is highly motivated to expand our preschool offerings to students younger than 4 years of age so that the road to literacy is consistent,” said Superintendent Bradley Roberson.
The Oxford School District is in the research phase of adding preschool for 3-year-olds and younger in the future.