University and Aramark respond to claims made in Labor Day Instagram post

Published 10:05 am Wednesday, September 7, 2022

The University of Mississippi and Aramark have released statements in response to the allegations made in an anonymous Instagram post on Labor Day.

An anonymous group of campus dining workers posted a letter alleging claims of understaffing, low wages, and poor management.


The university released the following statement:


“The University of Mississippi is committed to providing a safe and healthy product to our campus community, and we take seriously any claim alleging otherwise.

Since we became aware of the statement posted to social media, we have worked with our partners at Aramark to investigate the validity of each claim. We have found no evidence to back them up and know some to be false, including those about using outdated products, locally sourced produce and pay ranges.

We will continue to investigate and work with Aramark to rectify any issues we identify in a fair and timely manner.”


Aramark released the following statement:


“Aramark respects our employees and values their contributions. All employees have an opportunity to discuss their concerns with a manager, supervisor, or Human Resources, including options to do so anonymously if they prefer. The allegations put forth on social media were inaccurate and misleading. We are committed to sustainability, hospitality, and food quality, and offer competitive compensation and benefits packages consistent with industry and market standards.  We also offer food service career paths within the company where many have grown from frontline roles into the company’s leadership ranks.”