Application deadline approaching for YAC Visual Arts Series

Published 1:00 pm Monday, September 12, 2022

The application deadline for Yoknapatawpha Arts Council’s 2023 Visual Arts Series is Sept. 30.

The program offers support and opportunities for artists to show, exhibit and sell their work. YAC partners with several locations in an effort to allow artists to submit their info in one location and secure a schedule of shows throughout the community for the year.

YAC’s goal by offering artists a schedule of shows is to provide focus and opportunity to create works, apply for funding to support their projects, grants for artists, or use our Arts Incubator and Big Bad Business Series to grow their creative based business.

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To apply for the opportunities please complete the application at You will receive a follow up email with a schedule of shows, install and pick up dates.

Community Supported Arts applications are now available on the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council website.

Each year the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council challenges creative entrepreneurs to formulate a goal for their business and to use the CSA to achieve or move toward it. Creatives use the CSA to share their story and invite people to support their growth as artists and entrepreneurs.

Similar to Community Supported Agriculture, this program asks early investors to support artists by buying shares that artists will deliver by the end of the program in June. Supporters order shares from January through June, and participants must have their orders completed by the end of June.

When purchasing a share, one is not only receiving a unique item, they are also supporting the growth of small businesses in your community, following their arts entrepreneur from the initial idea through the creative process.

The Big Bad Business Series will continue with a Night of Genius event from 6-8 the Powerhouse on Tuesday, Sept. 13.

YAC is excited to present this year’s brainstorming session at the Powerhouse Community Arts Center. Presenters will share their small business ideas or challenges they are working through. A crowd of small business experts will provide constructive feedback and recommendations to move the small business to the next level.

RSVP to be an expert or a community member supporting one of the presenters. The event is casual, with no need to bring any formal business plans. Contact Meghan Gallagher at or call 662-236-6429 for questions about presenting, the event, or accommodations related to a disability.