Ole Miss Wesley Foundation proposes new facilities, living quarters

Published 4:30 pm Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Ole Miss Wesley Foundation filed a request to the Oxford Planning Commission for a special exception for use of their property located on West Jackson Ave.

The property is 1.75 acres, and currently has an existing building of about 2,800 square feet, with another smaller residential building of about 600 square feet. The foundation is proposing to demolish both of the existing buildings in order to construct a new facility that will include office space, worship facilities, kitchen, activities space, lobby, lounge, and coffee area

An additional proposal was made for potential living quarters attached to the primary facility, a one bedroom accommodation facility to be used for visiting missionaries.

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A second building was proposed on the north end of the site. The foundation is seeking the ability to have a communal living space. The plans indicate a single building with two units, each with two bedrooms and four total beds. The total capacity will be 8 residents in the two units.

Each unit would be equipped with common living space and laundry facilities. The use of communal living is an accessory used for religious assembly, and is allowed by special exception. The neighboring property, Rebels for Christ, currently has residential space for students.

The foundation anticipates that they will be respectful to their neighbors, and there is an expectation for Christian living and conduct. Noise, alcohol, and drugs would be strictly prohibited on the premises.

“Communal living for religious institutions and ministries is common in college communities,” said Director of Planning Benjamin Requet. “The foundation is proposing strict adherence to prohibit excessive noise, alcohol, and drugs.”