Mississippi accepting design submissions for state’s next official car tag

Published 12:00 pm Tuesday, November 1, 2022

JACKSON, Miss. –Governor Tate Reeves today announced that the Mississippi License Tag Commission is accepting design submissions for the state’s next official car tag.

The submission process opened today, November 1, 2022. Proposed designs must be submitted by the end of the business day on November 30, 2022. All designs can be emailed to licenseplatedesign@dor.ms.gov for consideration.

“Mississippi is filled with talented artists and designers. We’re opening the submission process to take in inspiration from across Mississippi for our state’s next car tag,” said Governor Tate Reeves. “I look forward to seeing the range of submissions from Mississippians and finding a great-looking new plate that represents our state whether you’re going to work or taking a trip cross-country.”

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The following are the requirements for design submissions:

  • Proposed designs must be submitted by end of business day on November 30, 2022.
  • Design must be emailed to licenseplatedesign@dor.ms.gov to be considered submitted.
  • Design must be submitted in Adobe Illustrator (Ai) format.
  • Design must be readable with a light-colored background design with dark-colored alphanumeric characteristics for plate numbering.
  • Design must be limited to a maximum of 3 colors.
  • Design cannot contain expressions that are considered obscene, slandering, insulting or vulgar.
  • Design cannot contain any copyright images.
  • Each submission is required to provide name, address, and phone number of designer.
  • The designer selected will not receive any compensation.
  • Participants must be Mississippi residents.
  • Designer of the winning design must execute a release of any rights to the design.
  • Changes to the design may be made to meet the required specifications and may contact interested parties for further information.
  • Plate size will be 6” exact x 12” exact as it is today.
  • All license plates will utilize an embossed (raised) alphanumeric character set which will be positioned as referenced immediately below:

  • The upper region of the plate between the bolt holes is reserved for the jurisdictional name to be printed (Mississippi).
  • The lower region of the plate between the bolt holes is reserved for the county name. In this example, LAUDERDALE.
  • The lower right corner of the plate is reserved for the validation sticker.

The requirements for the submission and more information may be found here.