Board of Supervisors approves relocation of District 2 voting precinct

Published 9:30 am Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Voters in the northeast portion of District 2 have long gone to the Philadelphia Community Center to cast their ballots, but will now make the short walk next door to the fire station after the Lafayette County Board of Supervisors approved the relocation of the voting precinct on Monday.

Supervisor Larry Gillespie called for the change, saying he was not sure why the move had not already been made by previous supervisors.

The District 2 supervisor added that it simply made more sense for the county to use a building it already owned that is in close proximity to the previous location.

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“It came to my attention that [the community center] wasn’t a county-owned building so we just moved it to a county building,” Gillespie said.

The proposed change will be sent to the Lafayette County Circuit Clerk’s office and should go into effect before the next election.