MCPA announces new directory for practitioners to reach new patients statewide

Published 4:30 pm Friday, January 20, 2023

The Mississippi Cannabis Patients Alliance is pleased to announce that due to demand, the MCPA is launching a new directory listing service for statewide medical cannabis practitioners to reach eligible medical cannabis patients. Each month MCPA has thousands of patients searching our website for information on becoming a medical cannabis patient in Mississippi and looking for medical cannabis practitioners who can certify them for medical cannabis use.

The MCPA is revolutionizing access to medical cannabis in the state with an innovative new program that will enhance the lives of many patients statewide. With a burgeoning list of credentialed MSDH-approved medical cannabis practitioners from around Mississippi, patients seeking medical cannabis treatment turn to MCPA’s website for the most trusted answers to their questions.

This directory listing service is easy to use and updated regularly—promising trusted information that facilitates the connection between practitioners and their potential new patients. The MCPA is committed to providing care and support for all eligible medical cannabis patients, proudly making this directory listing available today!

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Angie Calhoun, Founder and CEO of the MCPA, said, “we are excited to announce the launch of our medical cannabis practitioner directory listing. Every day, patients contact us to find a medical cannabis practitioner near them, or they search our website. With a paid listing, practitioners can directly reach patients statewide through our website, where patients will also be able to connect with them with ease and be able to use our interactive map to find them. Through MCPA’s interactive practitioner finder page, medical cannabis practitioners can reach more patients while also financially supporting the Mississippi Cannabis Patients Alliance, a 501(c)3 non-profit association.”

MCPA’s website and directory listing can be found at: