No rescue plan for Denmark; proud for Punkin

Published 11:00 am Saturday, January 21, 2023

By Harold Brummettt
Denmark Star Route

The American Rescue Plan Act. Denmark Water Association applied and was denied. No rescue for Denmark water. Sour grapes you might say and it probably is.

Denmark Water provides water mainly to working people who cut the grass, clean the toilets, repair the electrical lines, stock grocery shelves, patrol the county, and fix the cars of those who live in the big houses. You know, working people.

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Denmark Water’s infrastructure is old and could have used some updating. Standing on the Denmark crossroads looking out, it certainly looks like our politicians continued with good ole boy politics.

Poor Punkin Water Association did not make the cut either. Initially. Then from somewhere they got millions. Squeaky wheel and all that I suppose.

It seems the legislature gave the responsibility of divvying out the funds to the Health Department. They could not handle the job so they farmed it out to who knows who. This mystery company came up with a rating scheme and forms to fill out. Final forms went out after Aug. 1, with the deadline just into September.

The rating was completed and Denmark Water asked to see how they rated comparatively. The information isn’t forthcoming. It is like taking a test and the teacher telling you that you failed, but no, you cannot see what the correct answers were.

Denmark Water has 200 plus households, all neighbors, all colors, all backgrounds with the common need for safe drinking water. The association tries to keep the prices low. The folks who live on the Denmark system live in mobile homes, stick and brick homes whose value does not come anywhere near the value of the big homes tied to Punkin.

Large systems got large money. That is the way it is. Denmark Water was told they could get a loan from USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) or perhaps Three Rivers Planning and Development District. I suppose the selected systems could have too.

Disappointed for Denmark Water. Happy for Punkin.