Oxford Community Market winter market serves farmers and shoppers year-round

Published 8:00 am Thursday, January 26, 2023

A farmers market? In January? Mississippi farmers markets may be known for farm stalls loaded with heat-loving summer crops like tomatoes, watermelons, okra and peas but the state’s mild winters and long growing season have inspired Oxford Community Market to offer local farmers a place to sell all year long. OXCM’s Winter Market is open every Tuesday from 3-6:30 pm at the Old Armory Pavilion.

“Year-round farmers markets are common around the country, even in places with much colder climates than ours,” said market director Betsy Chapman. “OXCM’s Winter Market is small but mighty – still loaded with the same high-quality local farm food, good vibes, friendly people, and community spirit our ‘big’ market is known for.”

Customers can find cool-season veggies like turnips, cabbage, celery radishes, carrots, spinach, salad mix, lettuces, arugula, and sweet potatoes along with fresh local eggs, grass-fed beef, honey, pecans, jams and jellies, bedding plants, bulbs, and fruit trees, artisan breads and a variety of homemade baked goods.

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OXCM is a nonprofit organization with a mission to improve access to healthy fresh food by building a local food system that connects farmers and consumers by offering a weekly public marketplace and providing outreach to make shopping at farmers markets more accessible to SNAP, WIC and senior shoppers.

OXCM has been driving growth and development in the local food system for nearly a decade and is dedicated helping local farm and food businesses thrive year-round.

“Our farmers and food producers are hardworking, talented and skilled entrepreneurs,” said Chapman. “Our job is to create opportunities for them so they can invest more in growing the food and ag businesses that feed our community.”

Oxford Community Market is open every Tuesday from 3-6:30 pm at the Old Armory Pavilion. For more information, visit www.oxfordcommunitymarket.com, follow OXCM on social media, or contact Chapman at 662-816-7413.