Rideshare location for Ole Miss approved

Published 8:00 am Saturday, March 25, 2023

The Board of Alderman approved a motion on Tuesday to create a new rideshare pick-up location for all Ole Miss Baseball home games. 

The request was to essentially work with the University of Mississippi Athletics team to ensure that there is a designated spot for fans to be picked up after the games are finished. 

The new spot is technically on a city right-of-way, on the South Lot parking lot south of Swayze Field off Highway 6. 

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“The reason we’re bringing this before the Board is because we have a similar system right now for the Square with designated pick-ups areas,” Mark Levy, director of special projects for the city of Oxford said. “This system would be very similar to one already in place.”

The university requested that two hours after an Ole Miss baseball game a geofence active for Uber and Lyft companies to have a designated spot to park and wait for those who need to catch a ride. The Oxford Police Department has already reviewed and approved this geofence location.

Riders cannot be picked up at this location until those two hours before the games begin. The walk for fans would be a pedestrian path from Swayze Field.

Levy expressed at the meeting that if this were to be approved, that these companies would work with the athletics team to install this for this weekend’s upcoming games against the University of Florida Gators.