Cofield’s Corner

Published 1:00 pm Saturday, April 15, 2023

By John Cofield

Yes, it was a big old deal when Jerry Lawler came to town! The Activity Center was packed. The kids, and many adults, were fired up and ready to go. And to this day, the memories of that night and many Saturday mornings at 11:00 still live strong. 

John, meeting your Dad was a thrill. Having Jack Cofield make my portrait with the same camera with which he photographed William Faulkner was an unforgettable day. I spent a good bit of time in Oxford in the early and mid-1980s as the Ole Miss library put together an exhibit honoring WMC-TV. I got to meet a lot of very nice people there. — Dave Brown

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Lawler once told Lance “Banana Nose” Russell he didn’t know a wrist lock from a wristwatch, a total loss from Holy Cross. —Stan McCay

Once Handsome Jimmy arrived in a deep purple Cadillac El Dorado with pink shag carpet on the dash! —Joe Pace

If I ever see Jimmy Hart again I’m going to get one of my grandkids to kick his walker out from under him. —Ken Coley