Science and Engineering Fair Top Honors

Published 12:00 pm Monday, April 24, 2023

Oxford High School students earned their slots at the recent 59th annual Mississippi Science and Engineering State Fair where they earned top rankings in many categories. 

Honors went to:
William Berry and Keerthin Karthikeyan, 1st Place Earth and Environmental Science  – Class V- Sawdust Sorption: A Novel Approach to Removing Cd(Il) and Cr (Ill) from Mississippi River Water.

Grace Douglas, 3rd Place Microbiology – Class IV:  What Disinfectant Works Best to Decrease Bacteria Growth, 9th grade.

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Mennah Ibrahim, 2nd Place Earth and Environmental Science – Class IV –
Resolving the Debate Linking Plastic Pollution and Sustainable Composite Matter Development, 10th grade

Zeyad Ibrahim, 1st Place Biochemistry- Class V – Exploring The Algae World For Sustainable, Economic, And Environmentally Friendly Alternative Green Approach For Simultaneous Production Of Electricity And Oxygen.

Rishi Nautiya, 3rd Place Plant Sciences – Class V – Vertical farming for future food sustainability.

Alexandra Ritchie, 1st Place Biochemistry – Class IV – Effect of DNA Repair on UV Sensitivity in Yeast.

In special awards:

William Berry and Keerthin Karthikeyan, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Award –  Presented to the science fair student whose research has demonstrated the principles and technical innovations that offer the greatest potential for an improved understanding of Earth’s dynamic processes.

Rishi Nautiyal, United States Agency for International Development Award – For scientific excellence and using science innovatively to create a potential solution to international development challenges.

Zeyad Ibrahim, Justice Manning Award for Environmental Excellence Award; and Meenah Ibrahim, alternate for the award.

Rishi Nautiyal, Grand Award winner.